Welcome to the New World of Wheels Blog

Welcome to our new dealership blog. World of Wheels sees the value in keeping in touch with our customers. Along with Facebook and Twitter, this blog will be a way for us to interact with the family of happy customers we’ve built. This blog will be a little bit different than what we do on Twitter and Facebook, but we think you’ll like it!

Want to know some insights on the car industry? We’ll post blogs about that, sure. Wanting more information about buying a new car versus a used car? You better believe we will be posting blogs about that too! Car financing advice? Yes! DIY tips for maintaining your vehicle? You betcha!

Like we mentioned, this blog is dedicated to our customers, so if you have something to say, then we would love to hear it! Leave us comments on our Facebook page, send us a tweet, or comment on our blog posts. We want to post things that you will find useful/interesting/funny/entertaining, so if you have an idea and would like to contribute let us know.