Maybe Don’t Hang Your Fuzzy Dice There

Car accessories come in all shapes and sizes. You can get practical accessories like all-weather floor mats or a cargo net, or you can get accessories that are just for fun like Car Lashes, fuzzy dice, or air fresheners. While hanging something on your rearview mirror is an obvious and easy way to decorate your car, it might not be the best idea from a practical point of view.

The Blind Spot Issue

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Image via Flickr by eflon

Vehicle blind spots are the angles that your mirrors don’t cover. Your eyes can see about 210 degrees around you (although you can only focus on the 55 degrees right in front), the rearview mirror shows you what’s behind the rear window, and the side mirrors offer a few more degrees in the back corners. However, even if you angle your side mirrors well you still have a blind spot just behind and to the side of your car, and the only way to see what’s there is to turn around and look. Rear blind spots are dangerous enough, but putting something big on your rearview mirror adds a third spot right in front of you. Not only do fuzzy dice block part of your windshield, they’re also distracting to drivers who need to focus on the road. All things considered, that’s not the best way to keep yourself safe on the road.

The Reflection Issue

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Fuzzy dice don’t have this problem, but not everything you can hang from your rearview mirror is made from fuzzy cotton. Some people hang beads or crystal ornaments on their mirrors, things that catch the light and sparkle. While that’s interesting in you’re in your home, reflective ornaments are not helpful when you’re trying to look at the road. Heck, that’s why you need to turn off your brights when you see an oncoming vehicle. Even air fresheners can be guilty of this if you keep them in their plastic bags like the instructions say, and they can momentarily blind other drivers as well as yourself.

The Weight Issue

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Image via Flickr by Lisa Jacobs

Do you know how rearview mirrors attach to a solid pane of glass? Glue. Glue that will eventually harden, crack, and fail thanks to time, heat, and sun exposure. It’s always a shock when it happens, but the mirror can stay on for a decade or more before the glue ages enough to fail. That’s not going to be true if you hang something heavy on the mirror, because that stresses the glue more than the manufacturers expected. Putting the mirror back or replacing it is a simple job, but it’s one you could avoid entirely. For some drivers in Des Moines, Iowa, accessorizing a car with fuzzy dice or the like from the rearview mirror is often done. However, drivers are encouraged to find other safer ways to accessorize their ride. Keep the reflective accessories and heavy ornaments away from the rearview mirror.