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Can You Return a New Car to a Dealer?

If your car is coming to the end of its useful life or you’re simply ready for an upgrade; it may be time to start shopping for a new vehicle. The decision to buy a new car in Des Moines shouldn’t be taken lightly. Not only is it a major financial consideration, but you’ll also… Read more »

The 5 Best Race Tracks in the U.S.

This country grew from coast to coast with the power of engines and wheels. Motorsport is the highest expression of automotive design. What better reason for a road trip than to tour the finest racetracks in the nation? No grand tour would be complete without visiting these shrines to car racing: Daytona International Speedway Daytona… Read more »

Parallel Park the Right Way Every Time

Parallel parking is the hardest part of most driving tests, especially when a single fallen cone is all it takes to fail the whole thing. Even most adult drivers avoid parallel parking when they can, or at least avoid parking between two cars when they could just drive forward into a spot instead. But even… Read more »

Make Des Moines a Destination This Fall

There is nothing like the fall season. The crisp air and autumn activities make it a great time to get outside and enjoy local events with friends and family. In the Des Moines area, there are many activities and festivals throughout the season where you can go to enjoy food, entertainment, and fun. Here are… Read more »

How to Skip Gears Without Destroying Your Engine

Some manual transmission drivers will tell you never to skip a gear, you can learn to do it safely. Many drivers find slowing down is easier when skipping a few gears. Entering highways at high speeds is also sometimes simpler when you can skip a few of those middle spots. Learning how to do it… Read more »

Maybe Don’t Hang Your Fuzzy Dice There

Car accessories come in all shapes and sizes. You can get practical accessories like all-weather floor mats or a cargo net, or you can get accessories that are just for fun like Car Lashes, fuzzy dice, or air fresheners. While hanging something on your rearview mirror is an obvious and easy way to decorate your… Read more »

Restore Your Cracked Steering Wheel

Sun damage and exposure to other elements can damage your steering wheel, causing cracks to form. Not only are the cracks in your steering wheel unsightly, but the cracks can age your car. Here are some strategies you could use to restore your cracked steering wheel and preserve the life of your car. Determine the… Read more »

4 of the Best Sleeper Cars to Surprise Your Neighbors

Sleeper cars are inconspicuous beasts that fly under the radar because of their exterior subtleties. For you Iowans who like accessing a powerful automobile without getting flagged by the Des Moines Police Department, these cars deliver. Sadly, the first two featured end their run in 2017, so if you want to experience their power, you better… Read more »

Make Your Des Moines Summer Great

With all the excitement leading up to summer, sometimes we forget to actually make summer plans. Don’t let your summer creep by without adding something adventurous into the mix. Take part in an interesting event or visit a cool festival. Thankfully, Des Moines is a happening city with a lot to offer. Downtown Des Moines Farmers’… Read more »

Don’t Use Your Winter Tires Year-Round

Mother Nature continually puts your car’s tires to the test, so keeping a dedicated winter set gives you an added measure of defense against rain, ice, sleet, and snow. If you live among the elements, in an even moderately harsh environment, it is worth the extra cost to maintain a second full set of winter… Read more »