Can You Return a New Car to a Dealer?

If your car is coming to the end of its useful life or you’re simply ready for an upgrade; it may be time to start shopping for a new vehicle. The decision to buy a new car in Des Moines shouldn’t be taken lightly. Not only is it a major financial consideration, but you’ll also want to settle on a vehicle that’s just right for your Iowa lifestyle.

Evaluating makes and models is your first step, followed by price comparisons and test drives. The more you put into the process, the better chance you’ll have of driving away from the dealership in a car that meets all your requirements. But what if dissatisfaction sets in after you’ve made a new vehicle purchase? In most cases, you’re bound by the sales contract and the car is yours, but under some special circumstances; you may be able to undo a bad deal.

Cover All The Bases 


Image via Flickr by socialautomotive

When preparing for a vehicle purchase, it makes sense to do as much research as possible. Various online resources are available, offering consumer feedback about auto makers and specific models. For the best outcome, allow yourself to consider all the vehicle options within your price range. Searching with an open mind is the best way to evaluate all the possibilities and avoid problems after you’ve committed to a purchase.

Once you’ve narrowed your search, choose a Des Moines, Iowa automobile dealership you trust and test drive the models on your list of favorites. It is essential for you to weigh the pros and cons of each prospect, ensuring the vehicle you select is really the one you want.

Ask The Right Questions 

Negotiating a vehicle purchase can be an intimidating experience. Working with a reputable car dealer is a good start, but it’s your responsibility to press salespeople for the details needed to make an informed purchase. Under most circumstances you cannot unwind a deal, once you’ve agreed to go forward with the transaction.

Before signing a sales contract, answer some important questions. Can you afford the car? Is the vehicle a good match for your lifestyle? Do you understand the terms of the purchase agreement? What’s the price of insurance for the model you’re considering?

Even if you’re a confident buyer, it’s a good idea to enlist the help of a friend or family member before you buy. Adding another person’s perspective might prevent you from making a costly mistake.

Don’t Count on Exceptions 

Once you’ve signed a contract, the dealer holds all the cards. Iowa’s lemon laws may help you if the new car is found to be defective, but it’ll take multiple trips to the dealer’s service center to deem the car a lemon. If you feel duped by the salesperson, a dealer might be willing to unwind the sale. But these are rare exceptions to the underlying rule governing new car sales: Once you’ve signed a contract and taken delivery of a vehicle, you’re bound by the terms of the deal.

Buyer’s remorse isn’t enough to cancel your new contract. To avoid problems following the sale, do your homework ahead of time and don’t commit until you’re certain it’s the best car for you.