3 Unreliable Yet Lovable Cars

Like a forbidden love or a burger with “heart attack” in the title, you can’t always make the right decision. For some reason, you keep coming back to the same place, even if it’s not where you should be. The same goes for cars. You love the look of a car, or maybe it conjures up some distant memory — so when it breaks down on the side of the highway at 1 a.m., you can’t help but feel sorry for it. Whether this unconditional love is founded is up for debate, but there’s something about these cars that people can’t get enough of.

Just About Any Ferrari Ever

Ferrari World of Wheels

Image via Flickr by Douglas Cook

Unless you’re driving a Ferrari straight off the lot, don’t expect it to run forever. These cars aren’t exactly made for everyday use, so if you’re firing up the Testarossa to grab a sandwich at Subway, drop off library books, or make returns at Wal-Mart, you probably aren’t using the vehicle to its full capacity. Still, what’s not to love about a Ferrari? An insane engine, stunning looks, and an exceptional driving experience put it at the top of almost everybody’s wishlist.

The problem with Ferrari only lies in the obscene bill you’ll get for any repairs. Parts aren’t all that easy to come by, and when you’re repairing a V-12 engine, you may have to order parts from Italy. If you must have a Ferrari, learn how to properly drive a stick shift and make it your “special occasion” or Sunday car.

Range Rovers

Drive a new Range Rover off the lot, and you’ll find it fun to drive, handsome, and well-appointed. Fast-forward 10 years, and you have a weekly visit to the shop. What makes the Range Rover a favorite despite the constant check engine light, odd sounds, and fluids on the ground after a drive is that it’s a work of art. The interior comes with sumptuous tech, comfort, and convenience features, and although it’s a luxury car, it can still tackle the off-road with impunity.

Still, the repair bills are enough to bankrupt you. If you’re going to buy one, just make sure that it has the warranty included.

Chrysler 300

When the Chrysler 300 hit showrooms in 2005, everyone was in awe. The full-size sedan had the beauty of a European luxury car blended eloquently with a bit of that Detroit hustle. It was such a perfect vehicle that something wasn’t quite right, and “too good to be true” kept going through your mind. That ill-fated feeling was correct — the Chrysler 300 comes with plenty of problems. The transmission, electronics, and even the climate control start to suffer within a few years. Regardless of these money pits, the comfort, luxury, and aesthetics of the 300 keep people coming back.

No sane person would call these vehicles a sound investment, but the alluring factor of their style, reputation, or features can often overwhelm rational thought. Don’t feel bad if it happens to you. Some things have a certain way of clouding your judgment. Just try not to let it happen in your personal life.